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Sometimes we find it difficult to change our behaviours because we lack the skill to be effective at the new behaviour or because we find the new behaviour in some way scary. But often the biggest challenge is neither of those - its simply remembering to do the new behaviour. For some of my coaching clients, this remembering has been key to their creating sustained change in their behaviours and I've manually sent them reminder emails at irregular intervals. No longer - now I get them to use Hassleme.

At the Hassleme website you can arrange to be sent emails at intervals you specify to remind you to do the things you intend to do but somehow don't actually get it together to do. Reminders like "ask questions rather than telling", "make a networking call today", "go to the gym", and "go out for a walk on the Malvern Hills this afternoon" (there have to be some consolations for getting up in time to catch the 6.15am train to London!).

Email me at with any useful tools you use - I'll add those that take my fancy to the site.

Hassleme is part of mySociety, a website which seeks to give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives.

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