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Your next big decision? Change Making, & an extraordinary book!

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The Mentoring for Change Letter #55
by Mike the Mentor
Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Sustainability

December 2016


Firstly, my apologies for the long gap between this and my last newsletter - both to those of you who have recently signed up to the newsletter and have been wondering if you were ever going to receive it - and to those long-term supporters of the newsletter who have been wondering where I've got to!

The good news is that I am redesigning the Mike the Mentor website - and am planning for the new site to go live in Spring 2017. With a focus on What Every Leader Should Know, and the Meta Change Model, as well as updated material from the existing site, I think you will find a lot to interest you there.

In the meantime, see below for links to:
  • Is the next big decision you face Simple, Complicated, Complex or Chaotic?
  • An excellent free guide to Change Making
  • An extraordinary book about life and living - and cancer
  • 2 surveys on Team Coaching where, by participating, you can get early access to the research results.
Happy reading.

On this shortest/longest day of the year, I wish you seasons greetings and all the very best for 2017 (and this will be the year in which I relaunch the website!)

Kind regards

PS: And, if:
  • you are a leader,
  • you have a problem which you can articulate,
  • you feel stuck,
  • and you want help...

... then contact me.

Is the next big decision you face Simple, Complicated, Complex or Chaotic?

cynefinWe all, particularly leaders, try to see the world clearly, notice the key trends, and anticipate what the future might hold. But the world is irrational and unpredictable. 

The Cynefin framework sorts the issues facing leaders into five contexts defined by the nature of the relationship between cause and effect. Four of these - simple, complicated, complex, and chaotic - require leaders to diagnose situations and to act in contextually appropriate ways. The fifth - disorder - applies when it is unclear which of the other four contexts is predominant.

The Art of Change Making

lclg-logoThis excellent, free guide compiled by the Leadership Centre provides a summary of 70 kay change frameworks, each explained in 2-4 pages. It includes Bateson's Ecology of Mind, Rogers' Living Systems, Scharmer's Society 4.0, Ganz's Social Movements, Kahneman's System 1 & System 2, Gilchrist's Divided Brain, Heifetz's Adaptive Leadership, and Isaacs' Dialogue among dozens more.

The Cancer Whisperer: How to let cancer heal your life

cancer whispererThis is an extraordinary book - and not just if you have cancer, or have friends or family with cancer. It is a book about life and living - wise, moving challenging, insightful and beautiful. Read it!

Buy the book - or watch this video interview (45 mins)

Team Coaching Survey

A newly formed UK team coaching research team, consisting of Dr Rebecca Jones (Worcester University) and Drs Uwe Napiersky and Joanne Lyubovnikova (Aston Business School), would like to invite you to participate in a novel and exciting piece research in which we aim to assess current practice in TEAM COACHING. 

In order to participate, we simply ask that you click on the link below and complete the survey provided. This should take no longer than 10 minutes, and your responses will be treated with the upmost confidentiality and anonymity. The data you provide will be extremely valuable to developing this research and better understanding what makes team coaching effective. Once the research is completed, we will disseminate a summary of our findings to all those who took part.  

Complete the Team Coaching survey

Supervising Team Coaching Survey

This second survey aims to:
  • to understand the dynamics of supervising team coaches and how this differs from supervising coaches in their one-to-one practice; 
  • to begin to collect methods, tools and techniques; 
  • to establish a future research agenda. 
The survey is aimed at both team coaches and supervisors working with team coaches across the globe. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete. This research is being carried out by David Clutterbuck and Alison Hodge.

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