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Inner Leadership and Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is a well established approach to personal, professional and spiritual development. Indeed, it is Psychosynthesis which inspired the coaching and mentoring model which I use and which is described elsewhere on this web site. One of the few books published on the application of Psychosynthesis in business is Inner Leadership: REALize Your Self-leading Potential (People Skills for Professionals) by Simon Smith (published by Nicholas Brealey, ISBN 1-85788-271-7).

Inner Leadership treats leadership as a journey of discovery rather than a set of competences to be learned. It moves away from the idea of the hero leader to bringing out the leader in each of us. A central part of inner leadership is knowing ourselves sufficiently well that our personality becomes a resource which we can use rather than a tyrant that controls us.

One of several ways of developing our inner leadership that Smith discusses is through working with our "constituents". These are like miniature personalities - each has its own world view, self image, set of body postures and gestures, feelings, words, habits and beliefs. Transactional Analysis uses an approach which focuses on just 3 constituents - Parent, Adult and Child. Smith's approach provides the flexibility for people to choose the constituents most meaningful to them - they might have names like Attila the Hun, the wise man, the pleaser, Donald Duck, the controller, Lilith, the critic, the perfectionist and so forth. Working with the parts of ourselves can be a hugely creative process whereby we transform a group of warring and fractious constituents into an integrated and aligned personality which supports us in our journey. Inner Leadership: REALize Your Self-leading Potential (People Skills for Professionals) provides a map and guide for this journey. Highly recommended!

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