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These 8 pages form a connected narrative:

- 3 Worlds 4 Territories Model - Introduction
- Function of the Model
- 3 Worlds
- 4 Territories
- 8 Perspectives
- Practicing Supervision
- Case Study
- Ways of using the 3W4T model

The Felt Shift
The 4 Territories

4 TerritoriesThe experience of each of the individuals involved (supervisor, coach, and coachee) can be represented using the 4 Territories Model (also known variously as the Renewal Model and the Jericho Model) which maps the four territories of experience: Insight, Readiness, Authentic Vision and Skilful Action. It is derived from a Right Relations model developed by Danielle Roux (private communications 1989-1992).

In using the 4 territories framework to reflect on our work and understand the various worlds involved, we are interested in what we attend to or focus on in the supervision session. For each of the four territories these are shown in the table below.

Territory Aspect of the Self Focus
Insight: seeing what is and what could be in my world. Sensing, Perceiving What I sense and perceive as having happened, as filtered and moulded by my preconceptions, prejudices, projections and assumptions.
Readiness: attending to what constrains or enables me in my response to my world; developing my flexibility and resilience. Feelings and concrete mind My inner experience as evoked by my perception of what has happened, my meaning systems, personal history, habitual thoughts, etc.
Authentic Vision: clarifying the difference that I want to make; my desired way of being; my intent. Creative mind My imagined ideas about how things could be otherwise, my ability to think differently and explore possibilities.
Skilful Action: transforming vision into action. Body My behaviours - what I did, or might do - guided by my vision of how things could be different.

--> The 8 Perspectives

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